All Products Have Free 100% Functional Trials

Tool #0 - Code Wizard Intelligent Code Editor, Analyzer, Error Checker for Calculations and Field Triggers.
Tool #1 - Loan Monitor Quickly see all field changes and loan events in real time.
Tool #2 - Loan Debugger Quickly see which field triggers change which fields in real time.
Tool #3 - Biz Rule Analyzer Instantly search all business rules, field triggers and form code.
Tool #4 - Field Explorer Quickly find and filter all standard, virtual, custom and indexed fields.
Tool #5 - Form Debugger Bridge Encompass and Visual Studio to write and fix Input Form Code 100x Faster.
Encompass Auto Start Application Auto Start Encompass 20.2 (new login UI) via -s -u -p command line params. free source
Admin Form - Export Audit Fields Export all Audit Trail Field Changes. Easy Copy-Paste to Excel Report. free source
Admin Form - Field Descriptions Export all Field IDs, Types and Descriptions to a File. free source
Admin Form - Field Values Quickly see all field values used in a Field Trigger code or condition. free source
Admin Form - Check Duplicates Check if there are Duplicate Loan Numbers. Process List of GUIDs into Loan Numbers. free source
Admin Form - LO State Licenses Complete LO State License Summary / Detail export to Excel.
Admin Form - Locked Fields Quickly see all "locked" fields (where the blue lock was clicked by a user) free source
Plugin - Alert Counter Field Sets number and summary of alerts in fields [CX.ALERT.CNT] [CX.ALERT.SUMMARY]. free source
Plugin - Exit Encompass at 4AM Helps to have consistent Encompass version/plugin rollout across entire company. free source
Plugin - Get Employee ID Allows to get Employee ID for users inside Field Triggers. free source
Plugin - [CX.NOW] At Open / Save Helps to execute field triggers that use Virtual Fields free source
Plugin - DisableEscF5Plugin Disables ESC and F5 in Input Forms IE Control. Prevents data loss. free
Plugin - Custom Encompass Title Customize Encompass application title to show data from currently opened loan. free
Plugin - Macro Exec Plugin Call Macro.ExecAction() and Macro.ExecSignature() inside Field Triggers. free source
Plugin - Merge EFolder Docs Merges multiple documents. Moves all attachments from source docs into one destination doc.
Plugin - Number Words Converts Numbers to Words. I.e. 1234 = 'One Thousand Two Hundred and Thirty-Four' free source
Plugin - Read Only Loan Access Prevent specific Users from modifying and saving loans after specific Milestones.
Plugin - Ready For UW Conditions Syncs Document 'Ready For UW' status with Condition 'Fulfilled' status.
Plugin - Remove Services Tab/Menu Prevent LOs from running incorrect services. Sequence services & requirements.
Plugin - Ship Ready Protect Doc Prevent LPs from modifying docs which Underwriters mark as Ship Ready.
Plugin - Template Field Trigger Apply Templates (Data, Loan Program, ClosingCost, ...) inside Field Triggers.
Plugin - Time Check Plugin Ensures that all Encompass Clients have time within 5 minutes of Encompass Server.
Plugin - Underwriter Touches Automatically count number of times LPs and UWs work on loans.
Plugin - UW Conditions Trigger Automatically add Underwriting Conditions inside field triggers.