Tools & Solutions that SuperCharge Encompass

More than 100 top lenders use our tools to solve biggest pain points in Encompass Administration, Customization & Operation.

With these tools, you can significantly increase your Encompass ROI: Improve compliance, reduce time to close loans, and focus on business growth instead of chasing fires. These tools will literally transform your Encompass into a Ferrari!

BizRuleAnalyzer - search biz rules, forms, code, ... LoanMonitor - see all field changes in real time LoanDebugger - see field trigger execution & errors FormDebugger - debug Form code with Visual Studio Field Explorer - search all fields, option values, ... BizRuleAnalyzer LoanMonitor LoanDebugger FormDebugger FieldExplorer
Loan Monitor
Loan Debugger
Field Explorer
Encompass SDK Learning Guide
Form Debugger Tutorial
Loan Debugger Developer Hook Tutorial
Replicating Encompass Production Server
Google+ Forum - TRID switch field [3969]
New Fields in Encompass ~ 350 new fields: AUS Tracking, FHA 203k, Disclosures.
New Fields in Encompass ~ 160 new fields: ULDD, Disclosures, Locks.
New Fields in Encompass ~ 180 new fields: Fees, Fee Variance, Disclosures, Tracking.
New Fields in Encompass ~ 5,000 new fields: TRID, LE, CD, Locks, Correspondent, TQL, Vendors.
New Fields in Encompass ~ 240 new fields: Disclosures, Tracking, QM, TPO, Locks.
New Fields in Encompass ~ 30 new fields: Disclosures and QM.
New Fields in Encompass ~ 3,000 new fields: Configurable Milestones, AUS Tracking and Locks.