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More than 200 lenders use our tools to make Encompass faster and solve biggest pain points in Encompass Administration.

With these tools, you can significantly increase your Encompass ROI: automate common processes, increase operational efficiency, improve compliance, reduce time to close loans, and focus on growing business instead of chasing fires.

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CodeWizard - Intelligent Code Editor & Analyzer for Biz Rules BizRuleAnalyzer - search biz rules, forms, code, ... LoanMonitor - see all field changes in real time LoanDebugger - see field trigger execution & errors FormDebugger - write & fix Input Form Code 100x Faster Field Explorer - search all fields, option values, ... CodeWizard BizRuleAnalyzer LoanMonitor LoanDebugger FormDebugger FieldExplorer

Encompass Versions and Field Changes

Encompass Version Fields Added Removed Changed Major New Field Areas
Encompass 19.2 (04/2019) 35,455 264 33 URLA, Employer, VA Fields
Encompass 19.1 (01/2019) 35,191 672 64 New URLA, HMDA, BE/CE/BR/CR, Rate Lock and Event Dates
Encompass 18.4 (10/2018) 34,519 101 26 HELOC, Liabilities, Day1 Income, DU Bankruptcy Foreclosure
Encompass 18.3 (08/2018) 34,418 198 46 No major additions / changes
Encompass 18.2 (04/2018) 34,220 2,068 14 Rate Locks, Consumer Choice, VOD/VOI, KBYO, TPO, UWC
Encompass 18.1 (01/2018) 32,152 94 15 New HMDA, Rate Lock fields
View Complete Field Change History and Field Details from Encompass 7.0 Until Now
CodeWizard - intelligent code editor for biz rules & field calcs
BizRuleAnalyzer - search biz rules, form code
Loan Monitor - see all field changes in real time
Loan Debugger - write & debug Field Triggers 10 times faster
Form Debugger - write & fix Form Code 100 times faster
Field Explorer - search all fields, RDB, option values
Encompass SDK Learning Guide
Code Wizard Demo (2.5 minutes)
Form Debugger Tutorial (8.5 minutes)
Loan Debugger Developer Hook Tutorial
Form Debugger - Write Form Code 100x Faster
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